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  • Noderz
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  • LQ16 - Owner of TitaniumNetwork & Allied Mass Proxy Site Maker
  • Divide - Providing Proxies to Schoolist3r, Mass Proxy Site Maker
  • Sexyduceduce - Responsible for Most of Schoolist3r's Design, Mass Proxy Site Maker
  • Mikelime - Mass Proxy Site Maker, Web Developer, and Software Developer
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  • B3ATDROP3R - Developer of NodeCookie, and HyperWeb
  • TaoScree (Cat Lady) - Cool person, domain buyer
  • Collin9ex/Cheese - Owner of some of the Node Unblocker servers
  • Binary - Creator of the CNN proxy, Web Developer & Proxy Site Maker
  • Schoolist3r is a non-profit website that is targeted to make students have fun during classes. School filters can make students really bored during classes and in their free time with nothing to do. Schoolist3r helps all students have fun and access their favorite blocked sites. USE AT YOUR VERY OWN RISK!!! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY ACTIONS/LOSS YOU HAVE CAUSED DURING YOUR USAGE OF THIS SITE WHATSOEVER. Thank You.

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